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Repairs and Replacement

Are you struggling to open and close your UPVC Doors and Windows. This could be a sign that your mechanism either needs re-aligning or replacing. At Robinson & Foster Glass we can source and replace every type of mechanism new and old.


Do you have draughty windows and doors? You could need new UPVC Window Hinges or replacement rubber gasket. Our expert repair guys have the knowledge when it comes to keeping you warm and stopping the heat escaping your home.

Did you know we can also replace faulty sliding patio wheels and tracks. Re-align doors and re-seal frames where required.


We offer services that include replacement glazing, triple glazing, repairing misted and broken glass units

Replacement Doors and Door Repairs

Our team can service front, back, bi-fold and French doors as well as re-align and replace door panels. We also can help with the installation of locks, hinges and handles as well as cat and dog flaps. We can also install patio doors as well as replace existing doors if you so wish.

  • Broken UPVC hinges replaced

  • UPVC Window alignment problems fixed

  • Failed double glazing to UPVC/Aluminium/Wood

  • UPVC Window re-seal and trimming service

  • Faulty UPVC window locks replaced

  • UPVC Handle replacement

  • Unjam faulty UPVC locks and replaced

  • UPVC rubber gasket seal replacement (Shrunk/Perished)

  • Fit extra UPVC locks


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Wooden Floor

Weatherproof Windows and Doors 

In every household, the importance of secure windows and doors cannot be overstated. Our range of windows and doors not only provide the necessary safeguarding but also come with the inherent assurance of enhanced safety. Our windows and doors, in particular, are engineered with an additional security element – internal glazing. This design ensures that the glass can solely be removed from within your home, offering a heightened sense of security and an extra level of protection that brings peace of mind.

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