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Single PVC Doors 

The advantage with uPVC is that, unlike wood, it’s extremely low maintenance and doesn’t need staining or painting. This means that even after atrocious weather, your doors will still be in good condition, you’ll also find that it doesn’t warp or crack like wood can, so that’s one thing less you have to worry about.

uPVC doors are well insulated too and extremely stable. One thing that’s guaranteed with uPVC is that it’s a durable material that can last for at least 30 years, if not longer. With most companies, including us, you’ll get a guarantee of long life, so you have a door that’s not only inexpensive, but will also give you a return on your investment.

uPVC is recyclable so it won’t have a bad impact on the environment. If you decide to replace it before it’s reached its shelf life, it can be easily broken down and recycled.

PVC doors work best in all kinds of weather. They are excellent in keeping the room at an average temperature. They can help in keeping the room warm in the winters and cold in the summers. This is highly beneficial in saving lots of electricity bills as well.

UPVC is also a more hard wearing material than wood regardless of the elements, and is normally waterproof which will prevent damp and maintain insulation regardless of the conditions outside. 

  • Composite doors       

  • PVC doors 

  • Replacement front doors 

  • Replacement back doors

  • Replacement patio doors

  • Replacement French doors 

  • Lever or lever pad handles 

  • Front doors with sidelights

  • PVC full panel door

  • High security multipoint locks

  • Wood grain composite doors 

  • Dual colour doors 

  • Low maintenance easy clean composite doors

Single Doors 

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Wooden Floor

Weatherproof Windows and Doors 

In every household, the importance of secure windows and doors cannot be overstated. Our range of windows and doors not only provide the necessary safeguarding but also come with the inherent assurance of enhanced safety. Our windows and doors, in particular, are engineered with an additional security element – internal glazing. This design ensures that the glass can solely be removed from within your home, offering a heightened sense of security and an extra level of protection that brings peace of mind.

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